Long Cases

Welcome to the Long Cases module. We currently have 1 complete set of 6 cases for you to revise with. You can try this without being logged in. We plan on adding more sets soon, and if you register then you have the option of subscribing to see these as soon as they are available.

How to use these sets
Click here to access a blank answer sheet which you should print out and use. We have endeavoured to keep this experience as close to the actual exam as we could make it. At the college you will use the OSIRIX software, and be asked to fill in your answers on a blank answer sheet with a pencil. You have a total of 1 hour to complete this part of the exam, and you should therefore allow yourself a maximum of 10 minutes per case. Once you have written all your answers down, go back to the case and click to view the answer. You can mark yourself using the guidelines provided beneath each case.

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