Welcome to the Chest module. We currently have 30 multiple choice chest questions, each with extensive feedback and references. 15 of these questions are available for free, and if you login you will have the opportunity to access the remainder.

Our questions are split into sets of 15, which we estimate to be about 30 minutes work. We do not expect you to rush through as there is extensive feedback after each question. We also provide lots of online references which we recommend you visit and take notes. There is a Mock Exam at the end. These are the same questions as the other sets, but this time randomised without feedback, and timed. Leave a gap between doing the other tests and the mock exam, so that the questions are not still in your head.

Once you have completed the tests or mock exam, you can compare your score anonymously with everyone else who has taken the test. This will help you effectively gauge your progress against others who are sitting the exam.

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