Welcome to the Physics module. We have 3 tests available for free (85 questions). If you login you will have the option to subscribe to access over 750 questions, covering the entire range of physics examined in the FRCR. This includes Film/Screen Radiography, Imaging with X-rays, Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Gamma Imaging, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Radiation Physics, Radiation Hazards & Protection.

Tests & Questions
Our questions physics questions have all been written by Dr Daniel Kim, and are available on the Android App FRCR Physics for Radiology . We have presented our content slightly differently to the FRCR exam (see guidance). In the actual exam you will have 40 questions, each containing 5 true/false answers (200 questions). We have split our content into much smaller tests, each containing up to 30 single true/false questions. This is a much more manageable amount for a small revision session. If you leave a test before it is finished, simply visit it later, and it will resume where you left off.

By using single true/false questions, we can provide you with instant feedback after every answer. Another advantage of our small tests is that after each one you can compare your score with other users anonymously, and therefore chart your progress more effectively.

Digital Radiography 25 questions
Fluoroscopy (Part 1) 30 questions
Ultrasound (Part 1) 30 questions

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